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Nobel-winning physicist Murray Gell-Mann dies at 89

The Hindu:Science - 1 hour 29 min ago
He was honoured “for his contributions and discoveries concerning the classification of elementary particles and their interactions.”

Growing up high: Neurobiological consequences of adolescent cannabis use

Science Daily - 26/05/2019
About one in five Canadian adolescents uses cannabis. Neuroscientists have been researching the effects of cannabis on the adolescent brain. Adolescence is associated with the maturation of cognitive functions, such as working memory, decision-making, impulsivity control and motivation, and the research presented suggests cannabis could have long-lasting, but possibly reversible effects on these.

Weekly pharmacy visits boost drug adherence and quality of life in heart failure patients

Science Daily - 26/05/2019
Elderly patients with heart failure who see a pharmacist once a week are more likely to take their tablets and be active in daily life, according to new results.

A gut check for heart failure patients

Science Daily - 26/05/2019
Heart failure patients who consume more dietary fiber tend to have healthier gut bacteria, which is associated with reduced risk of death or need of a heart transplant.

Seawater from Ice Age tucked in rocks discovered in Indian Ocean

The Hindu:Science - 26/05/2019
Study could shed light on how the planet’s climate will react in the future

Don't overdo omega-6 fat consumption during pregnancy

Science Daily - 25/05/2019
New research showed that eating a diet with three times the recommended daily intake of linoleic acid might be harmful in pregnancy.

In vitro fertilization linked to deadly heart disease in pregnancy

Science Daily - 25/05/2019
Women undergoing fertility treatment should urgently see their doctor if they have heart failure symptoms, according to a new study. Shortness of breath, swollen legs and waking up in the night to urinate could be warning signs of a pregnancy-associated heart failure called peripartum cardiomyopathy (PPCM).

New vine snake discovered in Odisha biosphere reserve

The Hindu:Science - 25/05/2019
Ahaetulla laudankia was spotted in Simlipal

Finally, IISc team confirms breakthrough in superconductivity at room temperature

The Hindu:Science - 25/05/2019
Superconductivity at ambient temperature has been a holy grail in physics for about a century.

SpaceX launches 60 little satellites, with many more to come

The Hindu:Science - 25/05/2019
The launch was delayed twice last week, first by high wind and then for software updates; it was the third flight for this booster.

PCB study to find out reason behind fish kills in Periyar

The Hindu:Science - 25/05/2019
Focus on Eloor-Edayar industrial stretch; project to start next summer

Adding a carbon atom transforms 2D semiconducting material

Science Daily - 24/05/2019
A technique that introduces carbon-hydrogen molecules into a single atomic layer of the semiconducting material tungsten disulfide dramatically changes the electronic properties of the material, according to researchers who say they can create new types of components for energy-efficient photoelectric devices and electronic circuits with this material.

Origami-inspired materials could soften the blow for reusable spacecraft

Science Daily - 24/05/2019
Researchers have developed a novel solution to help reduce impact forces -- for potential applications in spacecraft, cars and beyond.

Paper stickers to monitor pathogens are more effective than swabs

Science Daily - 24/05/2019
Using paper stickers to collect pathogens on surfaces where antisepsis is required, such as in food processing plants, is easier, and less expensive than swabbing, yet similarly sensitive.

Soil communities threatened by destruction, instability of Amazon forests

Science Daily - 24/05/2019
A meta-analysis of nearly 300 studies of soil biodiversity in Amazonian forests found that the abundance, biomass, richness and diversity of soil fauna and microbes were reduced following deforestation.

Dead roots double shoreline loss in Gulf

Science Daily - 24/05/2019
A new study finds that the loss of marsh-edge salt grasses and mangroves due to disturbances such as heavy oiling from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill doubles the rate of shoreline erosion in hard-hit marshes.

Technology better than tape measure for identifying lymphedema risk

Science Daily - 24/05/2019
New research finds that a special scan measuring lymphatic fluid volume is significantly better than a tape measure at predicting which women undergoing treatment for breast cancer are at risk of developing a common complication resulting from damaged lymph nodes.

Meteor magnets in outer space: Finding elusive giant planets

Science Daily - 24/05/2019
A team has discovered two Jupiter-sized planets about 150 light years away from Earth that could reveal whether life is likely on the smaller planets in other planetary systems.

AI and high-performance computing extend evolution to superconductors

Science Daily - 24/05/2019
Researchers used the power of artificial intelligence and high-performance supercomputers to introduce and assess the impact of different configurations of defects on the performance of a superconductor.

More than a protein factory: A role for ribosomes in regulating human gene expression

Science Daily - 24/05/2019
Researchers have discovered a new function of ribosomes in human cells that may show the protein-making particle's role in destroying healthy mRNAs, the messages that decode DNA into protein.


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