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Sea otters get more prey and reduce tooth damage using tools

The Hindu:Science - 17/05/2024
When not crushing prey with their teeth, the otters float on their backs when feeding and use rocks, shells and discarded bottles as hammers or anvils to smash open hard-shelled prey

Study reveals history and oceanic voyages of remarkable baobab tree

The Hindu:Science - 17/05/2024
The baobab lineage originated in Madagascar roughly 21 million years ago and reached Africa and Australia sometime in the past 12 million years

More than 60% of world's coral reefs may have bleached in past year, NOAA says

The Hindu:Science - 17/05/2024
NOAA reports some 60.5% of the world's reef area has been affected and that number is still rising

Space data fuels India's farming innovation drive

The Hindu:Science - 17/05/2024
Satellite data has gives an Indian farmer optimal sowing times, weather warnings, and better use of irrigation and pesticides

Kerala sounds warning on West Nile Virus before monsoon; neighbouring states on guard

The Hindu:Science - 17/05/2024
Kerala has been endemic for the West Nile virus for at least two decades and that 80% of cases are asymptomatic, for every officially reported case, there could be several unreported and asymptomatic cases in the community.

General, central obesities linked to higher risk of colorectal cancer

The Hindu:Science - 16/05/2024
Data from the study can be used to develop new screening tools for colorectal cancer in future, experts say

Infosys Prize now only for researchers aged up to 40 years

The Hindu:Science - 15/05/2024
ISF explained that it is steering the Infosys Prize in a new direction by transitioning from a mid-career prize to an early-career prize, with the objective of rewarding potential and recognising the promise of future achievement

Summer 2023 was the hottest in 2,000 years, says study

The Hindu:Science - 15/05/2024
More than 150,000 deaths each year are traced to heat; Two new studies raise climate change alarm

More solar storms brewing after last week’s aurorae as Sun ‘wakes up’

The Hindu:Science - 15/05/2024
Since early May, scientists have been monitoring the sunspot AR 3664. By May 7, it was 16-times as wide as the earth and brimming with magnetic energy

NISAR satellite will be able to monitor tectonic movements accurately, says ISRO chief

The Hindu:Science - 15/05/2024
The satellite is likely to be launched later this year; it can fully map the earth twice a month, measure water bodies, greenery, snow cover, monitor agricultural changes, desertification, and aid in the study of climate-related issues, says S. Somanath

ISRO captures signatures of recent solar eruptive events

The Hindu:Science - 14/05/2024
A powerful solar storm impacted Earth earlier this month, triggered by the highly active region AR13664

Could a telescope ever see the beginning of time?

The Hindu:Science - 14/05/2024
The JWST’s is so big that it can “see” the faintest and farthest galaxies and stars in the universe.

How AI is helping communities restore Madagascar’s ancient baobab forests

The Hindu:Science - 14/05/2024
Baobab forests are threatened by slash-and-burn agriculture – 4,000 hectares of baobab forest in Madagascar are destroyed every year

More than a third of urban Chinese living in sinking cities, study finds

The Hindu:Science - 14/05/2024
A recent study by researchers in China which found that more than a third of the country’s urban population – some 270 million people – live in sinking cities

Australian weather bureau sees 50% chance of La Nina this year

The Hindu:Science - 14/05/2024
A La Nina would have significant consequences for global agriculture because it typically brings wetter weather to eastern Australia and southeast Asia

New breast cancer genes found in women of African ancestry, may improve risk assessment

The Hindu:Science - 14/05/2024
Studies to identify genetic mutations linked with breast cancer have previously mainly focused on women of European ancestry

For elephants, like people, greetings are a complicated affair

The Hindu:Science - 14/05/2024
New study provides new insight into the visual, acoustic and tactile gestures elephants employ in greetings.


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