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After Chandrayaan-2, ISRO now looks to solar mission Aditya-L1

The Hindu:Science - 1 hour 46 min ago
Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) now has it's eyes on the sun with solar mission Aditya-L1 in the pipeline. ISRO has planned to launch the mi

Compensatory strategies to disguise autism spectrum disorder may delay diagnosis

Science Daily - 7 hours 41 min ago
The first scientific study of compensatory strategies -- techniques to camouflage autism -- finds that they have positive and negative outcomes, increasing social integration, but possibly also resulting in poor mental health for autistic people, and could be a barrier to diagnosis.

Evolutionary gene loss may help explain why only humans are prone to heart attacks

Science Daily - 8 hours 27 min ago
Scientists say the loss of a single gene two to three million years ago in our ancestors may have resulted in a heightened risk of cardiovascular disease in all humans as a species, while also setting up a further risk for red meat-eating humans.

Hit your head, lose your sense of smell

Science Daily - 8 hours 27 min ago
People who suffer even a mild concussion can find it difficult to identify smells in the day that follows, and have anxiety problems a year later, a new study finds.

Brain protein mutation from child with autism causes autism-like behavioral change in mice

Science Daily - 8 hours 27 min ago
A de novo gene mutation that encodes a brain protein in a child with autism has been placed into the brains of mice. These mice then showed severe alterations of specific behaviors that closely resemble those seen in human autism spectrum disorder, or ASD.

E. coli superbug strains can persist in healthy women's guts

Science Daily - 8 hours 27 min ago
A study of over 1,000 healthy women with no urinary tract infection symptoms showed nearly 9% carried multi-drug resistant Escherichia coli strains in their guts. Additional findings highlight likely reasons behind the pandemic of resistant E. coli strains. They show the value of checking a patients' carrier-status to predict resistant infections, and the need to re-think the clinical significance of bacteria in the urine without symptoms, because pandemic strains can be highly pathogenic to the urinary system and treatment resistant.

Buying local? Higher price means higher quality in consumers' minds

Science Daily - 10 hours 10 min ago
Why are we willing to pay much more for a six pack of craft beer, a locally produced bottle of wine or a regional brand item, often choosing them over national brands? It's because when people prefer to 'buy local,' they more frequently base their decisions on price as a perception of quality, research shows.

Cells required for development of a healthy uterus

Science Daily - 10 hours 10 min ago
A team led by investigators has uncovered insights on a type of a critical cell that to the formation of a functioning uterus.

Algae living inside fungi: How land plants first evolved

Science Daily - 10 hours 10 min ago
New research presents evidence that algae could have piggybacked on fungi to leave the water and to colonize the land, over 500 million years ago.

Drinking water: Water solutions without a grain of salt

Science Daily - 10 hours 10 min ago
Researchers have developed technology that can deliver clean water to thousands of communities worldwide.

Protein-gene interactions involved in Alzheimer's disease

Science Daily - 10 hours 10 min ago
UC San Diego researchers have used the transcriptome -- the sum of all messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules expressed from genes -- to map protein-gene interactions involved in Alzheimer's disease.

Putting the brakes on lateral root development

Science Daily - 10 hours 10 min ago
Biologists have discovered a cellular transporter that links two of the most powerful hormones in plant development -- auxin and cytokinin -- and shows how they regulate root initiation and progression. Understanding why and how plants make different types of root architectures can help develop plants that better cope with distinct soil conditions and environments.

What motivates people to join -- and stick with -- citizen science projects?

Science Daily - 10 hours 10 min ago
After more than 20 years, the UW's Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team, or COASST, is itself the subject of scientific study. Social scientists are studying the program's success to extract lessons for all citizen science efforts.

Harnessing the power of microbes for mining in space

Science Daily - 10 hours 10 min ago
A new investigation on the International Space Station represents the first study of how microbes grow on and alter planetary rocks in microgravity and simulated Martian gravity.

How to restore a coral reef

Science Daily - 10 hours 11 min ago
New guidelines drafted by a consortium of concerned experts could enable corals to adapt to changing environments and help restore declining populations in the Caribbean. The guidelines provide a definitive plan for collecting, raising, and replanting corals that maximizes their potential for adaptation.

Slower walking speed may predict future mobility problems

Science Daily - 11 hours 59 min ago
Until now, there has been no ideal way for healthcare providers to measure walking ability, since it involves more than just walking speed. It also is about how you deal with your environment (such as uneven pavement) and demands on your attention (such as traffic, other pedestrians, and street crossings). In a new study, researchers assessed ways to measure complex walking tasks to learn more about early, subtle changes in walking.

Wavelength-encoded laser particles for massively multiplexed cell tagging

Science Daily - 23/07/2019
Researchers describe a new class of biocompatible probes, laser particles that can be inserted inside living cells.

Mediterranean diet during pregnancy reduces gestational diabetes and weight gain

Science Daily - 23/07/2019
A simple Mediterranean-style diet in pregnancy does not reduce the overall risk of adverse maternal and offspring complications, but has the potential to reduce weight gain in pregnancy and the risk of gestational diabetes, according to a clinical trial.

Air pollution in US associated with over 30,000 deaths and reduced life expectancy

Science Daily - 23/07/2019
Air quality in the US may be linked with increased mortality and reduced life expectancy according to research from Imperial College London and the Center for Air, Climate and Energy Solutions at Carnegie Mellon University.

Scholars weigh in on new ideas about autism

Science Daily - 23/07/2019
A new paper that challenges widely held ideas about autism has attracted comments from more than 30 scholars across the disciplines of psychology, anthropology, education, and neuroscience.


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