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Nobel laureate supports India’s pursuit for a neutrino lab

The Hindu:Science - 13/07/2024
Nobel laureate Takaaki Kajita opens up about the parallels and contrasts between Japan and India’s quests to further research on enigmatic elementary particles called neutrinos

12 papers involving a scientist from CSIR’s Indian Institute of Toxicology Research retracted

The Hindu:Science - 13/07/2024
Unethical behaviour of Ashok Pandey is cited to be reason behind retraction

ISRO has a problem: too many rockets, too few satellites to launch | Analysis

The Hindu:Science - 13/07/2024
The Indian space programme used to follow a supply-driven model. When the government reformed the space sector in 2019, this changed to a demand-driven model

ZSI scientist discover new species of dogfish shark Squalus hima from India

The Hindu:Science - 12/07/2024
Scientist behind the discovery said that species belonging to the genus Squalus and Centrophorus are exploited for their liver oil that contains high levels of squalene (or squalane is when it is processed for products)

Sci-Five | The Hindu Science Quiz: On Eusociality

The Hindu:Science - 11/07/2024
This week’s Sci-five quiz is on eusociality

Why are Sunita Williams and Boeing’s Starliner still in space? | Explained

The Hindu:Science - 11/07/2024
The return of Indian-origin astronaut Sunita Williams and her NASA peer Barry Wilmore to Earth from space has been indefinitely delayed. Here’s why.

Sunita Williams, Butch Wilmore confident Boeing space capsule can safely return them to Earth, despite failures

The Hindu:Science - 11/07/2024
Helium leaks and thruster failures almost derailed their arrival at the International Space Station, and has kept them there much longer than planned

India’s mission to drill a 6-km deep hole in Koyna, Maharashtra | Explained

The Hindu:Science - 11/07/2024
The Koyna-Warna region has been experiencing recurrent earthquakes since the Koyna Dam was impounded in 1962

Europe ‘back in space’ despite Ariane 6 debut glitch

The Hindu:Science - 10/07/2024
The flight deployed three sets of micro-satellites for research purposes, prompting European space officials to declare the maiden trip a success

Mummified American climber found 22 years later in Peru as glaciers retreat

The Hindu:Science - 10/07/2024
The police recovered the body on July 5 at an altitude of 5,200 meters, well below Huascaran's 6,768-meter summit

Philippines chosen to host climate 'loss and damage' fund board

The Hindu:Science - 10/07/2024
Some countries, however, voiced concern that allowing the World Bank to host would give donors too much influence

‘Outstanding work’: IIT-M team makes mineral nanoparticles with water

The Hindu:Science - 10/07/2024
Infusing soil with silica nanoparticles made using the technique could transform agriculture

Building materials for water-rich planets in the early solar system

Science Daily - 09/07/2024
Age data for certain classes of meteorite have made it possible to gain new findings on the origin of small water-rich astronomical bodies in the early solar system. These planetesimals continually supplied building materials for planets -- also for the Earth, whose original material contained little water. The Earth received its actual water through planetesimals, which emerged at low temperatures in the outer solar system, as shown by computational models carried out by an international research teach with participation by earth scientists.

First local extinction in the US due to sea level rise, study suggests

Science Daily - 09/07/2024
The United States has lost its only stand of the massive Key Largo tree cactus in what researchers believe is the first local extinction of a species caused by sea level rise in the country.

Ancient large kangaroo moved mainly on four legs, according to new research

Science Daily - 09/07/2024
A type of extinct kangaroo that lived during the Pleistocene around two and a half million to ten thousand years ago, known as the 'giant wallaby', was a poor hopper, a study has found.

Run screaming or slow retreat? New study advances understanding of brain responses to emotionally-charged scenes

Science Daily - 09/07/2024
The ability to recognize and respond to emotionally-charged situations is essential to a species' evolutionary success. A new study advances our understanding of how the brain responds to emotionally charged objects and scenes.


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