Science and Technology

Ultraviolet radiation from massive stars shapes planetary systems

Science Daily - 02/03/2024
Up to a certain point, very luminous stars can have a positive effect on the formation of planets, but from that point on the radiation they emit can cause the material in protoplanetary discs to disperse.

The role of history in how efficient color names evolve

Science Daily - 02/03/2024
In a new study, biology and psychology researchers show how existing color vocabularies constrain future options for efficient color vocabularies.

Hurricanes and power grids: Eliminating large-scale outages with a new approach

Science Daily - 02/03/2024
Large scale-power outages caused by tropical cyclones can be prevented almost entirely if a small but critical set of power lines is protected against storm damages, a new study finds. Scientists developed a new method that can be used to identify those critical lines and increase the system's resilience.


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