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UAE, NASA missions find 'patchy' auroras in Mars atmosphere

The Hindu:Science - 01/09/2022
The new aurora found by the team is formed when the solar wind directly impacts Mars' upper atmosphere and emits ultraviolet light as it slows down.

Science for All | What causes rainbow clouds?

The Hindu:Science - 01/09/2022
The Hindu’s weekly Science for All newsletter explains all things Science, without the jargon.

Who is Artemis? NASA’s latest mission to the Moon is named after an ancient lunar goddess turned feminist icon

The Hindu:Science - 31/08/2022
NASA has a long history of naming its missions after mythological figures

NASA to make second attempt at debut moon rocket launch on Sept. 3

The Hindu:Science - 31/08/2022
If all goes as hoped, NASA’s giant next-generation moon rocket SLS will blast off from the Kennedy Space Centre in Cape Canaveral, Florida, on September 3 afternoon

Fuel leaks force NASA to scrub launch of new moon rocket

The Hindu:Science - 29/08/2022
The NASA rocket was set to lift off on a mission to put a crew capsule into orbit around the moon

Decoding mosquitoes’ sense of smell

The Hindu:Science - 28/08/2022
Mosquitoes are breaking all favourite rules of how animals smell things

Improving access to antibiotics through innovation 

The Hindu:Science - 27/08/2022
 Antimicrobial resistance is a growing health crisis, and tackling it needs a multi-pronged approach

Fruit fly: novel method to study nuclear matrix

The Hindu:Science - 27/08/2022
The nuclear matrix is a scaffolding that helps package the genome differently in different types of cells

U.S. monkeypox cases may be peaking: experts

The Hindu:Science - 27/08/2022
The country has reported nearly 17,000 cases so far

Russia says it would be ready to extend spaceflight sharing deal with U.S.

The Hindu:Science - 26/08/2022
The deal is an unusual example of Moscow and Washington still cooperating at a time when ties are at a post-Cold War low due to tensions.

AI Challenge to help identify, classify potholes of Hyderabad

The Hindu:Science - 26/08/2022
The T-AIM, Capgemini initiative is to help GHMC with insights to undertake repairs.

Sci-Five | The Hindu Science Quiz: on Nobel prize

The Hindu:Science - 25/08/2022
Test your science quotient with this quiz

Google Doodle pays tribute to Indian physicist and meteorologist Anna Mani

The Hindu:Science - 23/08/2022
Anna Mani was an Indian physicist and meteorologist, who retired as the Deputy Director General of the Indian Meteorological Department

James Webb space telescope shows Jupiter's auroras, tiny moons

The Hindu:Science - 23/08/2022
The world's newest and most powerful space telescope is showing Jupiter as never before, auroras and all

India’s first observatory to monitor space activity to come up in Uttarakhand

The Hindu:Science - 22/08/2022
“This will improve the effectiveness of tracking and identifying pre-existing resident space objects, and will result in the creation of a hybrid data pool that will serve both the commercial and the defence sectors of the space industry,” said Anirudh Sharma, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Digantara

Improving rice yield with an additional gene

The Hindu:Science - 20/08/2022
Adding a second copy of one of its own genes has boosted the yield of a Chinese rice variety by up to 40%

Extreme waves of COVID-19 may have faster-than-expected growth rates

The Hindu:Science - 20/08/2022
Identifying the correct growth pattern at the start of an epidemic wave can help us be prepared

Corbevax booster should be a vaccine of choice

The Hindu:Science - 20/08/2022
Due to faulty clinical trial design, the superiority of Corbevax heterologous booster over homologous boosters is not known


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