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Updated: 2 hours 23 min ago

ISRO successfully conducts third and final ‘Pushpak’ Reusable Launch Vehicle landing experiment

This is the third and final test in the series of LEX (03) which was conducted

Toying with toys and making it big

On June 23, 1980, American inventor Arthur Melin, along with several others, filed a patent for a water play toy on behalf of Wham O Manufacturing Company. Melin and his friend, fellow inventor Richard Knerr, sold their Wham O company in 1982 – the year this patent was granted – but it wasn’t before they had spent decades whipping up frenzies like never before. A.S.Ganesh tells you how Melin and Knerr mixed serendipity and hard work to succeed in the toy industry…

Rotavirus vaccine: tortured data analyses raise false safety alarm

Two other self-controlled case series studies published in July 2020 and January 2021 also did not find Bharat Biotech’s Rotavac vaccine to be associated with increased risk of intussusception after any dose

Scientists search for a female partner for world’s ‘loneliest’ plant

Scientists are using remote sensing technologies and artificial intelligence to assist the search for a female in the Ngoye Forest

The mysterious fate of the Neanderthal Y chromosome

Scientists think the Neanderthal Y chromosome could have been lost by accident, or because of mating patterns or inferior function

Climate change has made the Hajj pilgrimage more risky

The 2024 Hajj pilgrimage has been overshadowed by tragedy, with the death of at least 900 pilgrims, mostly due to heat exhaustion and related complications

Australia’s enigmatic pink sand was born in Antarctic mountains: new research

Garnet is rare in beach sand, as it is destroyed by prolonged exposure to the waves and currents of the ocean

World’s oldest termite mounds found in South Africa, storing carbon for millennia

Namaqualand’s heuweltjies, it turns out, are the world’s oldest inhabited termite mounds.

Remembering Dhirendra Sharma, quintessential dissenter and academic-activist

Prof. Sharma (1932-2024) was the first intellectual to publicly criticise the nuclear programme in India

It's summer solstice time. What does that mean?

The summer solstice occurs for Earth’s upper half when the Northern Hemisphere is tilted most closely toward the sun

Sci-Five | The Hindu Science Quiz: On Dormancy

This week’s sci-five quiz is on dormancy state of animals.

NASA chief says U.S. and India to expand collaboration in space; to train Indian astronaut for ISS

During the iCET Dialogue, National Security Advisers of the U.S. and India said they were working toward commencing advanced training for ISRO astronauts in the U.S

How will AlphaFold 3 change life sciences research?

AlphaFold 3 uses a diffusion model, which is what image-generating software also uses, to predict protein structures

India getting close to developing gene therapy for sickle cell disease, say officials

The prevalence rate of this genetic blood disorder is high among the Scheduled Tribes in the country