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Updated: 1 hour 5 min ago

Chinese scientists identify super moss able to 'survive' in Mars

When subjected to conditions that simulate the environment on Mars, the moss was found to be able to withstand extreme dryness, ultra-low temperatures and radiation

Rotten eggs chemical detected on Jupiter-like alien planet

This planet orbits 170 times closer to its host star than Jupiter does to the sun

Diamonds pose a quantum block to India’s research ambition

India, despite being a formidable industry in cutting and polishing diamonds, has only just begun manufacturing diamonds

Scientists find proof pain-sensing cells are either male or female

Unravelling the different mechanisms that drive pain-sensing will help us design sex-specific pain therapies

In an electric vehicle, what is regenerative braking? | Explained

Regenerative braking is a system designed to convert the kinetic energy of the wheels to a form that can be stored and used for other purposes

What is the ‘responsible quantum technologies’ movement? | Explained

A white paper published in June by the University of Oxford cautioned against our inflated expectations of quantum computers

How jumping genes and RNA bridges promise to shake up biomedicine

Researchers may be able to treat chromosomal inversions or deletions, which are currently beyond the reach of any gene editing tools we have

What is graphene?


Chang’e 6 | From the Moon’s far side

China’s lunar exploration mission has returned soil and rock samples from the side of the moon that’s permanently facing away from the earth

Hepatitis A vaccination will be cost-effective in Kerala: study

Cost-effectiveness evidence supports the inclusion of hepatitis A vaccination into the vaccination programme for children aged one year and individuals aged 15 years in Kerala

Secrets in the sky: What’s in the sky this July

Calling all stargazers! Check out the wonders in store this month.

Rare and fatal brain-eating amoeba infection | Explained

Three deaths have been reported due to the rare and fatal infection primary amoebic meningoencephalitis in the past two months in Kerala

Study brings lifestyle of enigmatic extinct humans into focus

The existence of Denisovans was unknown until researchers in 2010 announced the discovery of their remains in Denisova Cave in Siberia, with genetic evidence showing them to be a sister group to Neanderthals

World's oldest cave painting in Indonesia shows a pig and people

The scene, dominated by a representation of a pig that is standing upright along with three smaller human-like figures, is painted in a single shade of dark red pigment

India likely undercounting heat deaths, affecting its response to harsher heat waves

Public health experts say there are likely thousands of heat-related deaths but because heat is often not listed as a reason on a death certificate, many heat deaths don’t get counted in official figures

Sci-Five | The Hindu Science Quiz: On Asteroids

This week’s sci-five quiz is on asteroid.