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Updated: 12 min 55 sec ago

ISRO releases images of Sun captured by Aditya-L1 during May solar storm

According to ISRO, these images will help in studying solar flares, energy distribution, sun spot, understanding and predicting space weather, monitoring solar activity and UV radiation over a wide wavelength range, and also aid in the study of long-term solar variations

CSIR-IICT scientists identify microalgae as a potential protein supplement

Microalgae are “under-exploited crops” and do not compete with traditional food crops for space and resources

New low-cost MRI machine can improve access to diagnostics in India

Scientists have built an MRI machine using store-bought hardware that costs Rs 18 lakh; existing machines cost Rs 9 crore or more

Brown, botany, and Brownian motion

On June 9, 1803, botanist Robert Brown completed his trip of Australia aboard HMS Investigator. That voyage enabled him to collect thousands of plant samples, which he dutifully classified and named. A.S.Ganesh tells you more about Brown and the Brownian motion that now bears his name…

ICMR study finds the drivers of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

Of the 600 participants studied, 524 (87.3%) had taken only one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, while the remaining 76 respondents (12.7%) were unvaccinated at the time the survey was conducted

Understand the Indian Ocean and you’ll understand much about earth

The Indian Ocean is critical today to understand the earth’s overall ocean response to increasing greenhouse gases and global warming

Will understanding cancer become a data problem? 

Can the use of data analytical tools render the process of diagnosis at least, easier? Will that eventually result in lowering risks, discomfort and pain for the patients, and their families? If this can be done, what will be the costs of such interventions? At the cusp of health care and technology, lie innovations and solutions that will aid patients and those who treat them.

What is Chang’e 6 and what is its role in China’s moon missions? | Explained

On June 4, a spacecraft from the Chang’e 6 lunar lander lifted off from the moon’s far side carrying valuable soil and rock samples

Boeing launches NASA astronauts for the first time after years of delays

 Boeing launched astronauts for the first time belatedly joining SpaceX as a second taxi service for NASA.

With bad news from Cassini, is dark matter’s main rival theory dead?

The main postulate of MOND is that gravity starts behaving differently to what Newton expected when it becomes very weak

 Global project ‘paints’ evidence of air pollution in India

The Air of the Anthropocene project has been exhibited at gallery shows in Los Angeles, Belfast, and Birmingham

The bacteria that write new genes to cope with infections

Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteria may use a newfound protein called Neo to stop a bacteriophage infection in its tracks