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Updated: 2 hours 36 sec ago

IISc researchers develop engineered biocatalyst for making drop-in biofuels

According to IISc, given the finite availability and polluting nature of fossil fuels, scientists are increasingly exploring sustainable fuel pathways that involve compounds called hydrocarbons

Why should educational institutions consider promoting a secular form of spirituality?

Exploring a secular form of spirituality may help students develop a sense of connection, whether to “nature, the cosmos, and other people”

Sci-Five | The Hindu Science Quiz: On the world’s smallest cat

This week’s Sci-five quiz is on the Rusty-spotted cat, the world’s smallest cat.

Should we ditch BMI and use the ‘body roundness index’ instead?

BMI was never created for use in health and was developed using data from European people in the 19th century

‘Multi-omics’ is changing how India spots and treats TB, cancers

Disease-specific consortia have sprung up around the country to create datasets for personalised medicine

South African scientists make rhino horns radioactive to curb poaching

The radioactive material would render the horn useless for human consumption while setting off alarms at border posts

Read the rocks to improve India’s geological literacy

India’s collective regard for its extensive geo-heritage is abysmal

Brains that don’t see in greyscale first over-rely on colours: Project Prakash study

Project Prakash treats and rehabilitates blind children in India. These children helped researchers shed light on how the brain learns to see

Inside a wasp’s nest: Understanding insect societies with Bengaluru-based Raghavendra Gadagkar

Miniscule creatures such as ants can provide humans with the blueprint for a better lifestyle, researchers find

How Boeing can bring NASA’s Sunita Williams, Barry Wilmore back to Earth

Boeing’s Starliner capsule, which is docked at the ISS, has faced several issues, delaying plans to return to Earth

Chinese lunar probe returns to Earth with world’s first samples from the far side of the moon

China’s Chang’e 6 probe has returned on Earth with rock and soil samples from the little-explored far side of the moon in a global first

Could the key to how good we are at maths be hidden in our brains?

The findings have kicked up a storm, but neuroscientists and education researchers caution against reducing complex human abilities to biology

Nuclear study provides major update on plutonium isotope fission

As India’s nuclear power programme refocuses on Pu, researchers have published a unique measurement of the energy of neutrons produced by Pu-240 fission

Two biogeographic hotspots in India yield two new plant discoveries

An aerial stem-parasitic flowering plant species Dendrophthoe longensis was from Long Islands of middle Andamans, whereas a small herb Petrocosmea arunachalense was discovered from a cave from West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh