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Brief presence of water in Arabia Terra on Mars

Science Daily - 01/12/2021
Scientists recently discovered that water was once present in a region of Mars called Arabia Terra.

High-speed holography of cells spots physical beacons of disease

Science Daily - 01/12/2021
Biomedical engineers have engineered a holographic system capable of imaging and analyzing tens of thousands of cells per minute to both discover and recognize signs of disease.

Summer rains in American Southwest are not your typical monsoon

Science Daily - 01/12/2021
Monsoons are continental weather events produced when intense summer sunlight heats land more than ocean. But new supercomputer simulations show that North America's only monsoon works differently. The North American monsoon, which drenches western Mexico and the American Southwest each summer, is generated when the jet stream collides with the Sierra Madre mountains, which diverts it southward and upward, condensing moisture laden air from the eastern Pacific into torrential rains.

Discovery of a Stem-like T cell in type 1 diabetes holds potential for improving cancer immunotherapy

Science Daily - 01/12/2021
As an autoimmune disease, Type 1 diabetes raises important questions about immune cell activity that have broad implications for immunotherapy.

Holistic framework can assess fisheries’ strengths and potential weaknesses

Science Daily - 30/11/2021
A new decision-making framework designed by an international team of fisheries researchers can help fisheries bolster their ability to adapt to a warming world. The tool is meant to take a lot of the guesswork out of finding resilience in a time of climate change.

Time crystal in a quantum computer

Science Daily - 30/11/2021
Researchers have created and observed a new phase of matter, popularly known as a time crystal.

As LA traffic slowed amid the pandemic, researchers gained new insight into air pollution

Science Daily - 30/11/2021
Car tailpipes spew out molecules of ammonia, a harmful air pollutant that can lead to thousands of premature deaths every year. New research shows that vehicles may produce a lot more of these emissions than federal and state regulators have believed.

Biosensor barcodes identify, detail ‘chatting’ among cancer cells

Science Daily - 30/11/2021
Ever since the first barcode appeared on a pack of chewing gum in 1974, the now-ubiquitous system has enabled manufacturers, retailers and consumers to quickly and effectively identify, characterize, locate and track products and materials. Scientists now demonstrate how they can do the same thing at the molecular level, studying the ways cancer cells 'talk' with one another.

Ubiquitous food additive alters human microbiota and intestinal environment

Science Daily - 30/11/2021
New clinical research indicates that a widely used food additive, carboxymethylcellulose, alters the intestinal environment of healthy persons, perturbing levels of beneficial bacteria and nutrients. These findings demonstrate the need for further study of the long-term impacts of this food additive on health.

Humidity changes in dead fern fronds drives unique timing of spore dispersal in a widespread fern species

Science Daily - 30/11/2021
Botonists reveals that the unique timing of spore dispersal in the sensitive fern, known as Onoclea sensibilis, is determined by a structural mechanism of humidity-driven movement in spore bearing leaves.

Scientists develop lead-absorbing tape to boost viability of rising star in solar power industry

Science Daily - 30/11/2021
Scientists describe development of a cost-effective Scotch-tape-like film that can be applied to perovskite solar cells and capture 99.9% of leaked lead in the event of solar cell damage.

Parliament panel: Junk distortions of national heroes in NCERT books

School textbooks should highlight the lives of hitherto unknown men and women from different states and districts, who have positively influenced national history, honour and oneness, says a parliamentary panel while stressing that NCERT should consider the suggestions received while framing the National Curriculum Framework.
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Extraordinary Roman mosaic and villa discovered beneath farmer's field in Rutland, UK

Science Daily - 30/11/2021
Archaeologists have unearthed the first Roman mosaic of its kind in the UK.

New review highlights cancer-crushing viruses

Science Daily - 30/11/2021
In a recent review article researchers describe a class of viruses that act to combat rather than cause deadly disease. Such oncolytic viruses as they are known, have a remarkable ability to target and destroy cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells untouched.

3D printing of blood plasma may speed up wound healing

Science Daily - 30/11/2021
New research suggests that effective wound healing may be aided by replicating a crucial component of our blood.


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