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Outbreak of Western Equine Encephalitis Virus in Argentina

The Hindu:Science - 27/01/2024
The present outbreak also comes in the context of an ongoing outbreak in horses in Argentina and Uruguay.

ISRO's unique and inexpensive space platform POEM-3 achieves all payload objectives

The Hindu:Science - 27/01/2024
POEM-3 (the PSLV Orbital Experimental Module-3) uses the spent PS4 stage of the PSLV-C58 rocket that launched XPoSat on January 1 this year.

How climate change affected the shape of elephant teeth

The Hindu:Science - 27/01/2024
Existing elephant species are the remnants of a once prosperous lineage of megaherbivores called proboscideans, whose evolutionary epic spanned 60 million years and some 200 species.

Mars rover data confirms ancient lake sediments on red planet

The Hindu:Science - 27/01/2024
NASA's rover Perseverance has gathered data confirming the existence of ancient lake sediments deposited by water that once filled a giant basin on Mars called Jerezo Crater, according to a study published on Friday.


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