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Updated: 1 hour 39 min ago

‘Underwhelming Indian genomics research, and gatekeeping’

India is an extremely price sensitive market and people routinely tap foreign genomics organizations to get superior insights from their biological samples at a value bargain.

Bird species exploded after dinos’ doom, largest yet bird genetics study says

The new family tree overturns some previous ideas about bird relationships, while also revealing some new groupings.

Team led by PRL Ahmedabad finds ozone on Jupiter’s moon Callisto

The presence of ozone also suggests the existence of stable atmospheric conditions and thus the possibility of hosting life

As India’s summer begins, understanding the heat and health conundrum

Heatwaves are deadly natural hazards: they have multiple direct impacts and their indirect effects include disrupted power and water supply, more food- and water-borne diseases, and overburdened hospitals

How neuroscience reshapes marketing strategies in India

Neuroscience is increasingly applied in India to solve business challenges, such as understanding consumer behaviour; ethical considerations arise particularly concerning informed consent and transparency

World’s most powerful laser points to uncharted arenas

The laser at the centre is operated by French company Thales, using Nobel prize-winning inventions

Russia’s war is weakening scientists’ ability to track the climate

Scientists collecting data in the Arctic already face an uphill battle, with the unforgiving weather and polar bears that sometimes accidentally destroy instruments. But lack of data because of war is an additional, and exacerbating, variable

Sprouting a sandalwood sapling

The sandalwood fruit is probably even more unfamiliar. About 1.5 cm in diameter, the fleshy fruit is a shiny purplish black when ripe.

Increasing tropical cyclones of higher intensity necessitates a new category

Tropical cyclones with peak wind speeds far exceeding category 5 scale of 252 km/hour are increasingly seen due to global warming, making a case for introducing category 6 for wind speed above 309 km/hour

Song lyrics are getting simpler, more repetitive: study

A team of European researchers analysed the words in more than 12,000 English-language songs across the genres of rap, country, pop, R&B and rock from 1980 to 2020